Advertising Plan

An advertising plan is a basic subset of a marketing plan. It helps a business to establish smaller goals as part of a larger marketing strategy. For example, an advertising plan may be created for a few months to a year, where an overall marketing strategy may aim to corner a portion of the market in 5 years. The plan includes objectives, reports, market research, pitches, media outlets, and a budget. When it is completed, an advertising plan should be a report that can be proposed to a business and also a day-to-day schedule to help you stay on track during an advertising campaign. 

Steps of an advertising Plan:

  • Choose the demographics that you want to target. Study the people who are using your business and products now and the people you want to attract. Include some data of advertising channels that are most often frequented by the target demographics. This data will support your advertising decisions.
  • Choose your media channels. You will probably choose a mixture of print publications, online, radio, television and other advertising. After establishing the type of advertising, you should list the businesses or places that you believe will best fit your demographic and goals. List any options that you have negotiated and decided upon.
  • Choose your creative strategies. Usually a graphic designer, voice or acting talent and other creative strategies are designed. In some cases, you will need to come up with an advertising pitch that you believe will promote your goals. Choose your talent, or make a plan for choosing it as the publication or air date draws closer.
  • Create a calendar. Using a spreadsheet or calendar program make a weekly and monthly plan that helps you achieve your advertising goals.
  • Create a budget. This should list all your advertising options, their cost, who you pay and any other expenses.